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Welcome to Bushrat.net, the best way to find a job or employee in the mineral exploration industry. We aim to connect qualified personnel with companies seeking skilled employees.
If you are looking for work: Click 'Sign-up' and create a skills profile to show potential employers your unique skill set. It is completely free to set up an account and post your resume. You can also browse the job postings in your professional field and contact the employer directly to apply.
If you are looking to hire somebody: Click 'Search' to find the candidate that best suits your needs, also try using the 'Advanced Search' feature to narrow your search criteria. You can also place an ad to attract qualified applicants by opening an account for free and then posting your job opening. We have several options for job postings:

1 three month job postings for $125
2 three month job postings for $250
3 three month job postings for $375
1 year unlimited postings $300 *good value
2 year unlimited postings $500 *best value
Good luck, we hope you find employment through Bushrat.net or find the right person to fill the job opening you have.

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